Intelisent's comprehensive suite of marketing services

Centralized Workflow, Project Management, and Campaign Execution

  • Customized workflow
  • Specification, content management, change control
  • Campaign design
  • Multi-channel triggering
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Suite and GMC
  • Version creation and dynamic personalization
  • Data Processing auditing and validation
  • Complete supplier management services
  • On-line proofing, document compare and auditing
  • Dashboard views, reporting, analytics across all channels
  • Customization of approved marketing materials by franchisees, agents, employees, and branch offices

Data, Postal Processing, and High Volume Composition

  • CASS, DPV, NCOA, DSF2, and Postal Presort
  • Data validation and normalization
  • Casing, punctuation, genderization, etc.
  • Merge/Purge, dedupe, suppressions and scrubs against industry and proprietary databases
  • Integration with external (Third Party) data providers
  • Wireframe, template, and table designs to maximize personalization and minimize costs
  • Unlimited variable personalization
  • Data Processing auditing and validation
  • Version and personalization optimization professional services
  • Lights out, automated processing flows
  • Composition, rendering, and distribution of high-volume, locked-down documents

Mail Optimization and Tracking

  • Inteligent Mail Barcode (IMB) creation, management and assignment
  • IMB Tracing and reporting
  • ACS monitoring and reporting
  • Full Service discount management and monitoring
  • In-Bound mail management
  • Postage and logistics analysis
  • Postage Optimization
  • Automated Postage (CAPS) reconciliation
  • Mail monitoring and delivery management

Multi-Channel Delivery and Reporting

  • Direct Mail
  • EMail
  • Distributed Print On Demand
  • QR Codes
  • Personal URLS (PURLS and GURLS)
  • Microsites and portals
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Social Media (Facebook, twitter)
  • ... and more every day

"There are too many over-stretched marketing teams that focus primarily on throwing an offer out and hoping for a response. There are a million excuses for why a poorly planned campaign didn't perform well, so it's a never-ending cycle. At Intelisent, we've developed a suite of services that can help take the burden off of an overworked marketing team, remove the excuses, and deliver the results they need."

Chris Bennett

Intelisent Founder