Intelisent Message Factory

Market directly to your customers with Unique and Relevant Messages based on Detailed Customer Data.

Intelisent Message Factory

Intelisent Message Factory provides large marketing organizations who target millions of customers and prospects with the ability to create and manage high-variable campaign messaging across all direct marketing channels including print, e-mail, SMS, RSS, PURL and Social Media. We can integrate and customize personal message patterns and creative matching to different segments and manage it all as one campaign or series of campaigns. Intelisent Message Factory is the future of direct marketing available now.

The result of using Intelisent Message Factory is increased relevance, higher open rates and conversions, and higher degree of customer loyalty to the messages you want them to see and act on.


Maximum personalization:

Easy-to-use wire framework that enables your entire message to be variable-driven for increased relevance open rates.

Regulatory Compliance:

A proven structure to handle the most complex of variably-driven legal disclosure statements.

This system ensure that every customer receives only relevant legal disclosures.

Fully Encrypted Data

Data that moves through the system is fully encrypted, and is only stored for the brief time of message generation and launch.

Quality Control via Variable Condition Coding System

Instead of reviewing hundreds of pages of audits, our system codes all variable conditions which are then tested with counts and reports. The final audit of a handful of records is merely to ensure that all variables are pulling from the correct positions.

Scalable Message Creation

Intelisent's Message Factory can support campaigns with a few thousand messages, or with tens of millions of messages.

Channel Independent Message Creation

The Message Factory handles email and direct mail variable message generation in a near identical workflow, which keeps our clients from getting bogged down in channel-specific details.


Allows brands to market to large lists with relevant messages while maintaining compliance with audit and industry regulations.

Brand and Agencies retain control over list content. No data is held.

Because each program is unique, customer can spec any amount of complexity to the campaign.

"Smart marketers want to use every tool at their disposal to improve customer engagement and activation rates. They need the message to be relevant and the consumer to be willing to hear the message."

Mark Mandell

Intelisent Founder