Intelisent Collaboration

Create Order out of Chaos and Develop an Efficient, High-ROI Marketing Organization.

Intelisent Collaboration is shifting the way businesses approach their marketing operations. The Intelisent Collaboration Platform streamlines all the steps associated with integrated marketing efforts across numerous channels. All inputs, outputs, creative resources, data sources, reviewers and editors, product owners, production managers, can be seamlessly connected through our platform to operate as a single marketing system.


Unlike most web-based marketing production solutions that focus on a single end-user entering all copy, art, layouts and campaign rules, Intelisent Collaboration empowers broad teams of marketing organizations, agency creative staff and account teams to collaborate on:

  • Campaign Rules
  • Content Management
  • Project Management
  • Data Processing

Our platform enables the following efficiencies to be integrated into even the most complex marketing organizations:

  • Allows flexibility for all campaign specifications, workflows, templates, assets, data, and reports.
  • Enable scalable, true 1:1 marketing.
  • Manage complexity and change management across all versions.
  • Generate PDF proofs with a click of a button
  • Automate business rule processing and count reports with high volume data management and processing.
  • Increase ROI and quality with reports and campaign analysis.
  • Deliver a standardized package to suppliers to eliminate production risks.

Revisions are easy and campaign results are presented automatically so the team can adjust plans, creative and other factors for future campaigns.

"Overall, this is awesome. I pretty much started from the template on the tool and rebuilt the file, uploaded AND configured the 4 segments in about 90 minutes. So much faster than normal."

Marketing Manager from an Omnicom Agency