Intelisent Campaign Sync

Timing is Everything. When You Say Something and How You Reinforce it can be as important or more important than the message itself.

Intelisent Campaign Sync

We know that relevancy is paramount. But so is timing. With Intelisent CampaignSync you can create precise campaigns that deliver complementary messages across a variety of channels. This approach drives higher awareness, open rates, conversion rates, and ROI.

Unlike marketing platforms with a single purpose, Intelisent CampaignSync allows marketers to plan for multi-touch campaigns to deliver the same or complimentary message via e-mail, direct mail, phone based, QR Code, Social media or other new marketing technique based on pre-determined timing or triggers.

This allows marketers to improve open and conversion rates by enhancing their relevancy-centric and personalized messaging with behavior-centric timing.



Intelisent CampaignSync's triggering capabilities allow marketing teams to deploy programs that automatically send specified messages based on a wide variety of triggers, including mail delivery, e-mail delivery, e-mail open, QR code entry, etc.

Individual Message Delivery:

Using this feature, a program can be built in such a way that emails are individualized and delivered at specific times during the day of mail delivery.

Cross-provider messaging:

Intelisent's mail arrival information (i.e. mail piece delivery scans) can be provided to any email provider to use as triggering information for campaign tactics for which that provider has been contracted.

Multi-Channel Campaign Programming:

Using Intelisent Campaign Sync marketers can develop complex programs to leverage nested customer data and terms, along with predictive marketing patterns so that customers receive a variety of complementary messages via e-mail, direct mail, phone or other marketing channel according to a plan that relates to dates, triggers and or customer responses.

Trend Analysis:

Ability to analyze media and postage spends, delivery timing and trends, click-through and open rates, and more.

QR Codes:

Ability to create, deploy, monitor and trigger further activity (like email) when a QR code is scanned.


Awareness and Response: Customer awareness of offers will be higher when they receive the same or complementary versions of the message through several media.

Conversion: A higher degree of message relevancy by recipients improves customer engagement and a higher percentage convert.

"Intelisent’s services enabled us to maximize coordination with our direct mail, phone and campaign efforts, delivering maximum efficiency and great GOTV results."

Political Director

Republican Governor's Association (RGA)